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Get a login to the employee benefits ordering site, where you can order massages, home office furniture, iPhones / smartphones, iPads and Pc via the gross salary scheme.

To access the site, click the log-in button.

You enter your first name, last name and your Novo Nordisk email address.


You will then receive an e-mail with a unique link, which is for you only, with this you can go access the ordering page to the gross salary scheme.

If you do not have the security code for the creation, click on "get security code".





Orders are opened every quarter where you have the opportunity to order for 14 days.

(January 1, April 1, August 15 and October 1).


If you already have questions about the solution, you can send Medarbejderfordele an e-mail to


You can also sign up for information every time a new order round starts.

If you have been unlucky and have damaged your device, you can report the damage here.

Here is your options
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